When you read the phrase Samsung versus Apple, you know what this means. But for the benefit of those who haven’t, it’s about the court battle that Apple raised for Samsung because of a patent issue. And you may have heard that Apple won. Apple filed a lawsuit against the South Korean company because the latter’s latest smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, that hit the market and skyrocketed in sales and fans supposedly “copied” Apple’s boring iPhone. The SIII, according to the US company, is a clone of the iPhone from design (a single home button) and features just like the pinch-to-zoom.Yes, boring, because in my opinion, it doesn’t do much unlike several or majority of the Android phones out in the past few years within the evolution of the smart phone craze.

In my defense, I used to be an Apple fan. I guess you could say I was ignorant at that time and any Android gadget just makes me laugh because back then, the iPhone was the only smart phone I’ve ever gotten my hands on. The pain of not being able to customize the whole thing except for its icons and wallpaper was the smallest of issue to me. Until I bought my very first Android phone, the LG Optimuse One P500; primarily because I couldn’t afford an iPhone. Thank you, forces of the world, for introducing me to an Android phone. The Optimus didn’t have the specs that the previous HTC models had but it was beyond decent. What mattered to me most was that it was incredibly customizable, kudos to Android. I can put widgets and decide which apps I want to see on my home screen. And the theme? Just download a theme client app and you’re good to go. With an iPhone? You can’t do any of this stuff! Sucks, right?

Going back to the whole Samsung VS Apple war, I’d like to ask you: who deserved to win the battle? Was the jury right for letting Apple win and have Samsung pay the company $1 billion? Or will monopoly never win over what the Samsung can bring in terms of innovation?

If you were to examine closely, why would Apple file this lawsuit now? Just when Samsung has started creating the perfect ingredient for the evolution of smartphones, Apple looked at this as a threat or a signal that they’re not #1 anymore. Of course, I can’t blame them. Any business would put in their best efforts to if their competitor is starting to take them down, literally. AND, I hate the fact that people or reviewers would say “Siri-like” about the Google Voice/Google Search. Not many people know this, but, honestly, Samsung is the brainchild of Siri. Look it up! But, seriously, Apple. Fighting against Samsung is like arguing that a white screen is orange. They’re just lucky they won the case and have Samsung pay them $1 billion. Come to think of it, the Samsung SIII has been declared by many, especially ex-iPhone fans, that it’s the best smartphone out and that they’re getting rid of their iPhones. So, Apple is looking through every aspect so that they can at least sue something against the best right now. Talk about being a sourpuss. Yeah, I am talking like one, but, hey! I’m the one writing this, so, if you have a problem with that, I suggest you stop reading now. I’m just being a huge Android and Samsung SIII fan right here right now.

And why? Because they SOOOO deserve to win and it was kind of disappointing that Apple is actually gloating on the fact that they can now shell out from Samsung. Shame.

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