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Apple just contacted Engadget concerning about the removal of the YouTube app in the latest beta of iOS 6. “It’s not their for a reason.”, Apple states. The reason for the action was that the licensing deal that Apple had with Google is over with. However, YouTube fans and users can still use the video mogul with the use of Apple’s default browser, Safari. Apple did say that Google is trying on working on another version which could be a standalone app that will be able to push through or survive the same approval process in the App Store like Google Drive, Gmail for iOS and others.

But for those who have the iOS 5 and older, the YouTube app will still remain in your Apple gadgets. The bad thing is, with the iOS 6’s release this fall, this will definitely lead to the number of iOS 5 users to depreciate. Now, the only question is: will the new YouTube app built for the iOS 6 be installable on the iOS 5 and older versions?

With all that aside, it might be a good thing for the Apple market. Indeed, another game made by Apple to be miles away from its biggest mobile OS rival, but it also gives Google enough room to play to innovate the YouTube app, and perhaps even design it to show a greater mobile experience around the company’s huge original content push. However, Apple is keeping mum on Google’s new YouTube app nor would they discuss whether or not if it has been submitted for approval but Engadget is predicting that it’ll be on September 12th.

Update: Engagdget just released a quote from a YouTube spokesperson itself: “We are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users.”

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