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2012 is definitely Samsung’s year. With the former release of the Samsung Galaxy Note last year, which received positive feedbacks according to speed and negative on its size up to this year, Samsung has now cooked up the perfect recipe for kicking the iPhone 4s out of the curb. Presenting the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

                 The phone boasts of how fast it is, the screen display, its perfect size, the features, and of course, the slick appearance which makes it this year’s #1 phone. Not only was Samsung happy about the phone but the income it’s generating. Millions and millions of dollars kept rising and experts predicted that there’s no stopping it. Although they’re keeping a close lookout on the iPhone 5 but then again, the Apple phone is still battling whether they should do something about their phone or stick with the plan they thought of before the surfacing of the S3. Anyway, why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 making such a huge hoopla? Why did it go instantly to the number 1 spot? I’ll tell you why and this is coming from someone who’s actually owned and experienced the phone itself. Of course, I’ll also be pointing out the pros and cons of the “Phone of the Year”.

                Let’s start with the positive feedback. The phone is insanely and undeniably fast! Even if you’ve opened multiple applications, it doesn’t lag. With TouchWiz, the apps glide smoothly as you navigate the phone with your fingers which makes it so much better the iPhone 4s. As far as gaming is concerned, the graphics is one of the things that the S3 must be proud of. Based on what I’ve seen, it almost has the same game graphics display as my laptop. The motion sensor is also incredible it’s like it’s made for racing games. S3 also has some great features like taking a screenshot by just sweeping your hand over the phone from left to right, pausing music by putting you palm on the phone or put it face down, Face Detection wherein the phone goes off if it can detect that you’re not looking at it, tapping the phone’s top part twice to scroll back up when you’re at the very end of an article, email or website. And of course, my personal favorite, the direct call feature that lets you call the person instantly by just putting the phone to your ear. Oh! And the video popout player was awesome, too. It lets you watch your video while texting or browsing the web. A lot of people or reviewers may say that these features are somewhat gimmicky, but hey! I like them and so do thousands of others.

                Now for the negative feedback. Although I like the fact that S3 has S-Voice which functions the same way as Siri, I didn’t have such a good experience using it. It must be because of my accent or my voice was either soft or loud enough, I don’t know. The thing is, it doesn’t work too great for me. Another thing that I didn’t like about the S3 are its speakers. They just weren’t loud enough for me. Samsung could have opted to put the speakers in the front but then again, they could’ve saved it for the other features and whatnot. Lastly, the battery life. It drains a lot faster and is a great disappointment of the S3. However, you can opt to download apps that can extend the phone’s battery life. At your own risk.

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