ICI 4 DMA a Web Developer

Have you ever had those times where you don’t know how to start your novel or how an article should open in hopes that it’ll invite the readers in? Or are you trying to catch up on a deadline but you can’t seem to think of any inspiration at all? That, my friend, is called creative block. It may occur or happen to you anytime and its duration may take days, weeks, months or years. Creative block is what I call a phase wherein you lose drive or inspiration in doing something creative. About everybody in this world experiences creative block and this can be a total nightmare for people who have a career in the design or creative field.

This isn’t something that you want to happen to you. So, I will give you a few tips that I know and collected from a few people who have experienced and broke out from it.

  1. Unplug – stay away from the computer or laptop for a while and go out. Do something that’s not technology related like going out for a walk or even just reading a good book. Inspiration is everywhere even from the smallest of things.
  2. Pack up and go – One of the things that may have triggered creative block is the loss of doing something different like traveling. It doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive. You could go backpacking with your friends and have the adventure of your life. It’s about time you release any excess baggage from your mind and body.
  3. Be social – Like what I said, inspiration can be found anywhere. You may get that from people you know and the people they know. Talking to them and being able to socialize is a good way to magnetize information that may be new to you. You can apply that to your upcoming creation.
  4. Sketching – I’ve read from somewhere that sketching or going back to basics can help whenever you’ve ran out of ideas with regards to designing. You can doodle anything you want, no holds barred. The inspiration will then flow later on.

Let me remind you that these tips are just a few of the things that you can look up on. You may go out and look for it yourself on how you can break out from creative block. In the meantime, just enjoy doing random things and you may not know it, you’re already on your way to getting your jive back.

There go my tips. In return, would you be kind enough to click on the link that follows? ICI 4 DMA a web developer. It’s good to get an A+! 😀


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I'm a bookworm and you'll always find a collection in my closet and then everywhere in my room. It's crazy!

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