The Samsung VS Apple Battle: Who Deserved to Win

When you read the phrase Samsung versus Apple, you know what this means. But for the benefit of those who haven’t, it’s about the court battle that Apple raised for Samsung because of a patent issue. And you may have heard that Apple won. Apple filed a lawsuit against the South Korean company because the latter’s latest smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, that hit the market and skyrocketed in sales and fans supposedly “copied” Apple’s boring iPhone. The SIII, according to the US company, is a clone of the iPhone from design (a single home button) and features just like the pinch-to-zoom.Yes, boring, because in my opinion, it doesn’t do much unlike several or majority of the Android phones out in the past few years within the evolution of the smart phone craze.

In my defense, I used to be an Apple fan. I guess you could say I was ignorant at that time and any Android gadget just makes me laugh because back then, the iPhone was the only smart phone I’ve ever gotten my hands on. The pain of not being able to customize the whole thing except for its icons and wallpaper was the smallest of issue to me. Until I bought my very first Android phone, the LG Optimuse One P500; primarily because I couldn’t afford an iPhone. Thank you, forces of the world, for introducing me to an Android phone. The Optimus didn’t have the specs that the previous HTC models had but it was beyond decent. What mattered to me most was that it was incredibly customizable, kudos to Android. I can put widgets and decide which apps I want to see on my home screen. And the theme? Just download a theme client app and you’re good to go. With an iPhone? You can’t do any of this stuff! Sucks, right?

Going back to the whole Samsung VS Apple war, I’d like to ask you: who deserved to win the battle? Was the jury right for letting Apple win and have Samsung pay the company $1 billion? Or will monopoly never win over what the Samsung can bring in terms of innovation?

If you were to examine closely, why would Apple file this lawsuit now? Just when Samsung has started creating the perfect ingredient for the evolution of smartphones, Apple looked at this as a threat or a signal that they’re not #1 anymore. Of course, I can’t blame them. Any business would put in their best efforts to if their competitor is starting to take them down, literally. AND, I hate the fact that people or reviewers would say “Siri-like” about the Google Voice/Google Search. Not many people know this, but, honestly, Samsung is the brainchild of Siri. Look it up! But, seriously, Apple. Fighting against Samsung is like arguing that a white screen is orange. They’re just lucky they won the case and have Samsung pay them $1 billion. Come to think of it, the Samsung SIII has been declared by many, especially ex-iPhone fans, that it’s the best smartphone out and that they’re getting rid of their iPhones. So, Apple is looking through every aspect so that they can at least sue something against the best right now. Talk about being a sourpuss. Yeah, I am talking like one, but, hey! I’m the one writing this, so, if you have a problem with that, I suggest you stop reading now. I’m just being a huge Android and Samsung SIII fan right here right now.

And why? Because they SOOOO deserve to win and it was kind of disappointing that Apple is actually gloating on the fact that they can now shell out from Samsung. Shame.

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YouTube App’s Removal from iOS 6

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Apple just contacted Engadget concerning about the removal of the YouTube app in the latest beta of iOS 6. “It’s not their for a reason.”, Apple states. The reason for the action was that the licensing deal that Apple had with Google is over with. However, YouTube fans and users can still use the video mogul with the use of Apple’s default browser, Safari. Apple did say that Google is trying on working on another version which could be a standalone app that will be able to push through or survive the same approval process in the App Store like Google Drive, Gmail for iOS and others.

But for those who have the iOS 5 and older, the YouTube app will still remain in your Apple gadgets. The bad thing is, with the iOS 6’s release this fall, this will definitely lead to the number of iOS 5 users to depreciate. Now, the only question is: will the new YouTube app built for the iOS 6 be installable on the iOS 5 and older versions?

With all that aside, it might be a good thing for the Apple market. Indeed, another game made by Apple to be miles away from its biggest mobile OS rival, but it also gives Google enough room to play to innovate the YouTube app, and perhaps even design it to show a greater mobile experience around the company’s huge original content push. However, Apple is keeping mum on Google’s new YouTube app nor would they discuss whether or not if it has been submitted for approval but Engadget is predicting that it’ll be on September 12th.

Update: Engagdget just released a quote from a YouTube spokesperson itself: “We are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users.”

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What I Think About the Samsung Galaxy SIII

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2012 is definitely Samsung’s year. With the former release of the Samsung Galaxy Note last year, which received positive feedbacks according to speed and negative on its size up to this year, Samsung has now cooked up the perfect recipe for kicking the iPhone 4s out of the curb. Presenting the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

                 The phone boasts of how fast it is, the screen display, its perfect size, the features, and of course, the slick appearance which makes it this year’s #1 phone. Not only was Samsung happy about the phone but the income it’s generating. Millions and millions of dollars kept rising and experts predicted that there’s no stopping it. Although they’re keeping a close lookout on the iPhone 5 but then again, the Apple phone is still battling whether they should do something about their phone or stick with the plan they thought of before the surfacing of the S3. Anyway, why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 making such a huge hoopla? Why did it go instantly to the number 1 spot? I’ll tell you why and this is coming from someone who’s actually owned and experienced the phone itself. Of course, I’ll also be pointing out the pros and cons of the “Phone of the Year”.

                Let’s start with the positive feedback. The phone is insanely and undeniably fast! Even if you’ve opened multiple applications, it doesn’t lag. With TouchWiz, the apps glide smoothly as you navigate the phone with your fingers which makes it so much better the iPhone 4s. As far as gaming is concerned, the graphics is one of the things that the S3 must be proud of. Based on what I’ve seen, it almost has the same game graphics display as my laptop. The motion sensor is also incredible it’s like it’s made for racing games. S3 also has some great features like taking a screenshot by just sweeping your hand over the phone from left to right, pausing music by putting you palm on the phone or put it face down, Face Detection wherein the phone goes off if it can detect that you’re not looking at it, tapping the phone’s top part twice to scroll back up when you’re at the very end of an article, email or website. And of course, my personal favorite, the direct call feature that lets you call the person instantly by just putting the phone to your ear. Oh! And the video popout player was awesome, too. It lets you watch your video while texting or browsing the web. A lot of people or reviewers may say that these features are somewhat gimmicky, but hey! I like them and so do thousands of others.

                Now for the negative feedback. Although I like the fact that S3 has S-Voice which functions the same way as Siri, I didn’t have such a good experience using it. It must be because of my accent or my voice was either soft or loud enough, I don’t know. The thing is, it doesn’t work too great for me. Another thing that I didn’t like about the S3 are its speakers. They just weren’t loud enough for me. Samsung could have opted to put the speakers in the front but then again, they could’ve saved it for the other features and whatnot. Lastly, the battery life. It drains a lot faster and is a great disappointment of the S3. However, you can opt to download apps that can extend the phone’s battery life. At your own risk.

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How to Get Out From Creative Block

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Have you ever had those times where you don’t know how to start your novel or how an article should open in hopes that it’ll invite the readers in? Or are you trying to catch up on a deadline but you can’t seem to think of any inspiration at all? That, my friend, is called creative block. It may occur or happen to you anytime and its duration may take days, weeks, months or years. Creative block is what I call a phase wherein you lose drive or inspiration in doing something creative. About everybody in this world experiences creative block and this can be a total nightmare for people who have a career in the design or creative field.

This isn’t something that you want to happen to you. So, I will give you a few tips that I know and collected from a few people who have experienced and broke out from it.

  1. Unplug – stay away from the computer or laptop for a while and go out. Do something that’s not technology related like going out for a walk or even just reading a good book. Inspiration is everywhere even from the smallest of things.
  2. Pack up and go – One of the things that may have triggered creative block is the loss of doing something different like traveling. It doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive. You could go backpacking with your friends and have the adventure of your life. It’s about time you release any excess baggage from your mind and body.
  3. Be social – Like what I said, inspiration can be found anywhere. You may get that from people you know and the people they know. Talking to them and being able to socialize is a good way to magnetize information that may be new to you. You can apply that to your upcoming creation.
  4. Sketching – I’ve read from somewhere that sketching or going back to basics can help whenever you’ve ran out of ideas with regards to designing. You can doodle anything you want, no holds barred. The inspiration will then flow later on.

Let me remind you that these tips are just a few of the things that you can look up on. You may go out and look for it yourself on how you can break out from creative block. In the meantime, just enjoy doing random things and you may not know it, you’re already on your way to getting your jive back.

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